Wet and Dry Standpipes

Wet and Dry Standpipe Systems



A Standpipe is a type of rigid water piping which is built into multi-story buildings in a vertical position, to which fire hoses can be connected, allowing manual application of water to the fire. Within buildings standpipes thus serve the same purpose as fire hydrants.

Well maintained fire standpipe systems are highly reliable and provide people protection as well as property protection. Fire King Fire Protection, Inc. specializes in Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Dry standpipe:

Dry standpipes fixed into buildings, the pipe is in place permanently with an intake usually located near a road or driveway so that a fire engine can supply water to the system. The standpipe supply pipe extends into the building to supply fire-fighting water to the interior of the structure via hose outlets, often located between each floor in stairwells in high rise buildings. Dry standpipes are not filled with water until needed in fire-fighting. Fire fighters often bring hoses in with them and attach them to standpipe outlets located along the pipe throughout the structure.

Wet standpipe

Wet Standpipes are filled with water and is pressurized at all times. In contrast to dry standpipes, which can be used only by firefighters, wet standpipes can be used by building occupants. Wet standpipes generally already come with hoses so that building occupants may fight fires quickly.

Fire Standpipe Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) is required as per:

    •    California Laws and Regulation for Automatic Extinguishing Systems. 

    •    NFPA 25, Standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Intervals:

    •    Quarterly Inspections (Must be performed by Fire Protection Specialist)
    •    Semi-Annually Inspections (Must be performed by Fire Protection Specialist)
    •    Annual Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (Must be performed by Fire Protection Specialist)
    •    5-Year Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (Must be performed by Fire Protection Specialist)

During our scheduled ITM to your location, Fire King’s Technicians perform a thorough Inspection of your sprinkler system as per governing codes and regulations.

    •    Upon completion of ITM customer will be provided with the mandatory California State AES Form which details all of the ITM checks that

were performed. 

    •    Once the fire standpipe system has passed all required ITM checks Fire King will attach the required Water-Based Fire Suppression System Label to the riser and/or the Fire Department Connection (FDC) piping.

    •    Please note that Fire King cannot attach this label if it is found that there are deficiencies (failures) within the system. In this case customer will be provided an estimate for correction of deficiencies found during the ITM.

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